Guidewire & Bindable

The Opportunity

Trusted by more than 450 carriers, Guidewire InsuranceSuite is a Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for P&C Core Insurance Platforms. Bindable is the US leader in alternative distribution, servicing hundreds of brands, brokers, and carriers. Together, Guidewire and Bindable will make it significantly easier for carriers to distribute their insurance products to a wider audience and expand to new markets, while enabling trusted brands to meet the expanding needs of their customers and drive new revenue.

The Solution

Guidewire and Bindable are partnering to enable open distribution by integrating Guidewire Cloud and Bindable’s alternative distribution platform. Carriers across all tiers (regional and national) and global trusted brands will now get equal access to each other to distribute insurance products to end customers.

Select the Guidewire GO product from the Guidewire Marketplace

Configure your product

Add the Bindable Platform

Access 500+ trusted brands

Sell policies

A Powerhouse Duo

Guidewire and Bindable are working closely together to make access to open distribution as easy as possible. Guidewire makes standing up your new product easier than ever before. Combine that with the trusted brands on Bindable's distribution platform and you have all the pieces to make your new program a success.

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